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"A place to play, learn, explore and discover the world."

Our Programs


Discovery Preschool & Childcare Center offers services throughout the week to children ages 2 months-5 years old.

Preschool classrooms are arranged with “Discovery Areas”, allowing free play while exploring and experiencing the various themes in our curriculum.

Our Infant & Waddler/ Toddler classrooms are for children 2-24 months, provides daily supervised floor time, individual cuddle time throughout the day, music and dancing experiences, stories, songs and finger play, discovery time, arts and textural experiences, and an age appropriate circle time, and signing time. Child to staff ratio is 4:1. 
Our 2 thru 3 Preschool classroom, includes children in diapers and toilet training. The small classroom environment offers areas for both quiet and active play. Experiences include block play, table toys, pretend play, fine motor development such as lacing, peg boards, puzzles, and coloring and painting, textural experiences ( such as playdough), and gross motor activities indoors and outdoors. We include activities in art, dance, and music. Stories, songs and fingerplay are included daily, as is an age appropriate circle time. Children in the 2-3 classroom will also attend Spanish (if available) and Music ( once 3 years old), as well as visit the "older" classroom to prepare for transitioning once they are ready. Staff ratio is 8:1.. 

Our Junior and Senior Preschool Classrooms are for children age 3 and 4 -5 year olds. Our arts rich theme-based curriculum offers experiences in visual and dramatic arts, creative movement, music, children’s literature, gross motor (physical education activities), phonics, and cultural awareness and diversity. The curriculum is created with age appropriate themes each week. Projects, small group activities, and classroom play focus on these weekly themes. 
Mornings in the 2-3 Preschool and  Junior/ Senior Preschool classrooms consists of breakfast, free play in discovery areas, circle and story time, project or other arts experience, and outdoor play. Lunch and "quiet time" are followed by snack, stories, free play in discovery areas, outdoor play and an afternoon arts experience. 


Science/Sensory Center- Here children explore basic science concepts such as weight and volume, they are provided with real objects to feel, observe, and explore. Your child will explore insects, magnets, kaleidoscopes, prisms, discovery bottles, shells, rocks, plants, and more.


A math center, writing center, and a texture table are also available as choices of discovery in our larger preschool classroom.

Circle Area- A place to gather for calendar, stories, songs, and other learning activities that foster listening, language development, creativity and social development.

Pretend/Dramatic Play (House Area)- Provides a place for your child to act out events in their daily life or their imaginations, developing language and social skills.

Library/Reading Area- A quiet place to read or look at books encouraging early reading skills and language development.

Art Area- Allows children to express themselves imaginatively,while developing fine motor and other skills using a variety of tools and materials.


Block Area- Exploring building and math concepts (ie. shape, balance) and dramatic play.

Math/Manipulative Area- From sorting, grouping and counting, creating patterns and shapes,constructing puzzles and lacing beads, this area promotes math concept development, while increasing fine motor development.

Music and Movement Experiences- Experiences in music and movement allow children to express themselves, increase self esteem, and increase fine and gross motor skills. 
*Pre- Ballet Class/ Creative Movement- Offered once a week, for children ages 2 1/2-3 1/2 and 3 1/2 and up. There is an additional minimal fee for this class. (* Offered when instructor is available)
Additional optional activities include Soccer and Swim Lessons in the Summer months. 
Field trips for children 3 years old are limited to within walking distance due to licensing regulations.  Field trips for child 4 and 5 are occasionally arranged to the Carousel, Dragon Hollow, the Children's Museum, and the local park. We either walk or use public transport for these trips. We also provide opportunities for visits from our local Police and Fire station, etc.